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Contributes to the success and help achieve new heights.

It consists of various images

Mitra – scattering frequency with a large range of action. Plays all desire. A sign of the adoption of information – the running on the skin tingling. Appears as a young man in shining armor.

Hobby– water. It protects from all sorts of disasters associated with the element from a terrible drought to devastating earthquakes. Hubby operates with the weather conditions. Appears as a silhouette in the fog.

Humo – happiness. Responsible for the hearth and home, prosperity, luck and success in money. Appears in the form of a soaring bird.

Iodine – works with any levels of protection. Prevents damage to the chakras and treat mental illness. Appears as a shield.

Mitra – war. Responsible for the healing. Appearance – a warrior in armour.

Nahid – love. It attracts happiness to the house and creates a cozy atmosphere. Heals infertility. Appears in the form of white birds with Golden wings and a head of silver color.

Deen. Power cleans apartments that promotes love. The appearance of the four white horses in harness.

Makh (Moon). Helps in healing rabies, diseases of children, diseases associated with negative female energy, senile insomnia, depression. Appears as the shining full moon, neutralizing female power.

Ahriman – in Zoroastrianism God of evil. Harm spiritual beings and the working mood. Experts recommend not to use it. Appearance – a black man in the same color robes, which is based on fear.

ASMA – Zoroastrian demon of lust. Is used in order to seduce any man. Visualization is a form of people making love.

Crows – Zoroastrian cult of the dead. Contributes to the destruction of a negative energy entity settled in the room. Appearance – mill black.

It should be noted that excellent knowledge of the ability of frequency tuning eliminates the creation of mental images.

The Master's degree level involves the lack of achievements: the ability to apply the first time. Zoroastrian egregore is used to solve financial difficulties, attracts luck in all aspects of life, contributes to the strengthening of marriage ties and the promotion of the social ladder and is also well protected from harmful magic effects. Use is accompanied by improved opportunities.

Work with Zoroastrian egregore requires special configuration in mind. And get a very special configuration from master is not enough – the student must establish a lasting and good connection with the Egregor. The communication must be accompanied by the maintenance of a burning fire. As a rule, the connection time can take from a week to 6 months. Striving for more progress women.

Operation with the egregore requires certain conditions of payment for your work, which can be expressed in money or other benefits.

The interaction ritual requires the burning of candles and smoke from the burning plants. One burning candle represents one desire which necessarily should be doable. Candle set on a plate, and you need each session to dedicate one particular client. After burning the candle you can move on to the next client. If there ever is a fire in the hearth, candles are not required to use.

Zoroastrian frequency is the handling of delicate matters. Wish fulfillment may require from 2 hours to 2 months.

Price – 1 260 000 roubles.

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