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In the first stage of development, your consciousness will expand!

Learning the skills of fortune tellers can happen through various ways: both in person and via Skype. Training is a long course consisting of 10 lessons, each of which lasts 2 hours.

Divination by Tarot is a peculiar gift of prophecy, which may appear in various conditions. Scientists call it hyperesthesia, and the esoteric – a clairvoyance.

In fact, we are in a heightened state of sensitivity quite often, just don't know it. Each of us though time in life had a presentiment of significant changes in the future. Sometimes upcoming events are drawn not only in our imagination, but come to us in dreams. We are going through them so much that believe that these changes just happen.


There are people who experience this condition very often is the soothsayers. But there are those who have no innate abilities. They ask the address, or fortune tellers, or stimulate an increased level of sensitivity with the help of practical exercises.


Experienced tarragon, looking at the colorful cards, can hold guessing on what he thinks. Sometimes it can go into a deep state of trance or really concentrate on the subject of attention. Tarot cards help to stimulate and develop the gift of clairvoyance. They can be used to cause a particular mental state, involving a deep concentration on what will happen in the future.

Classes are divided into several blocks.

1. Theory

It involves basic information about the history of the origin of the Tarot, their varieties. During these classes you will learn how to subjugate the deck and get familiar with the egregor of Tarot. You will be given the knowledge about higher and lower aspect of the vision for the future. You will learn what each of the cards and each lasso (their structure, elements, application). Also in this unit includes knowledge about Oracle the card meanings, both positive and negative. You will be able to get the advice of the Oracle while predicting the future. In addition, familiarize yourself with the function and purpose of the White card.

2 Block of meditation. 

Gaining knowledge about the various meditative States helping to develop clairvoyance. You will develop a special state of inner observer, learn to take in the condition of the harness.

3. Unit of practice (use cards)

The handling of keys to explain the situation. Passage ritual part, learning the technique of unfolding of Tarot cards. You will work with both "direct" and "reverse" cards. In addition, you will learn how to formulate questions and learn how to avoid common mistakes during divination.


Classes are purely personal: therefore, we can trace the growth of each student. We offer you a comfortable schedule of classes, and individual approach. 

Training cost – 20 000 rubles. 100 % money back with a negative result. Payment for each session.

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